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Galvanize Omnichannel Experience

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My Role
Executed and directed design strategy
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Business Outcomes
Increase overall revenue, time to market, user engagement
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User Impacts
Overhaul of multiple brands across various channels

Objective - Design a universal brand across multiple smaller brands. This project needed a Design Management System
‍My role - I was Lead designer, art directing the branding aspects of Galvanize, where I worked with freelance designers, animators and offshore developer team. I worked closely with stakeholders, executive team, writers, and content creators.
Challenge - Creating a universal user experience across different buyer journeys

At Galvanize I was responsible for all creative on the marketing team.  
• I managed various 3rd party teams such as animators, developers, and designers.
• Executed designs for landing pages, display, email, and content
• Build and present high-quality presentations of creative work that have a strong rationale and strategic insights
• Elevate and evolve brand
• Execute and deliver creative in fast paced environments
• Collaborate cross-departmental to support objectives

Messaging Journey

First, we needed to figure out our current state of the student journey, and what messages they were receiving at each point. The team mapped out the user journey, and did an adult to find pain points and areas of opportunity. This allowed us to gain a better understanding of where our students were dropping off, and when areas where we could improve the design and messaging.

Persona Journey

Next we built out our student personas, and aligned each persona along the student journey. By doing this, we are able to use more empathy in our design and messaging.

Branding Guidelines

Once we created our user journey architecture, I was able to design branding elements that would fit well into each user touch point. I used InVision's Design Management System for create branding guidelines for both Hack Reactor and Galvanize. This was the first step in creating a consistent look and feel across both brands.

Scalable Design

With Galvanize having 9 different locations, and many different product lines. It was important to build templates so that the design was consistent and scalable for growth. I created templates for:

signage, videos, email signatures, presentations, internal communications, one pagers, catalogs, social media, landing pages, event signage, and emails.

This empowered localized teammates to create their own work, while following branding guidelines.

Duel Branding

Not only did we have different locations, but we also had different branded products. I created scalable design elements so that branding was consistent between each brand, yet they each still had their own integrity


I provided the art direction and illustrations for our animation videos. I lead a team of writers, a voice actor, and animators, to create videos promoting/explaining our products.

Video Content

Apart of our marketing goals we needed to assemble a new video content strategy. I trained, planned, and created templates for our videos. I created custom branded mogrt files (motion graphic templates) to allow video editors the functionality to edit content, but to also stay within our branding guidelines.


While working with an ad ops group, I supported the marketing team by providing display ads and social ads in both static images as well as motion graphics.
For display ads, I built them in Google Web Designer and exported them out as HTML files. For social ads, I built these in adobe illustrator and adobe after effects. In campaign ads we were able to be a bit more creative with the designs to determine what would engage the audience more. We would pull in display data into Google Data Studio to analysis the users reaction to the creative.


There was always a various collateral to design such as course syllabus, white papers, and flyers. These were built with a template in mind, empowering other teammates to be able to create their own collateral.

Julie truly epitomizes what it means to be a team player. While self-starting and capable of working independently, she is always looking to incorporate feedback from others to ensure the best product goes forward. She is a true professional, and the quality of her work speaks volumes of her character. Julie is a pleasure to work with and will instantly add value to any team she is on.
Anthony Calamito: Chief Geospatial Officer, Boundless
I worked with Julie at Excelacom and really enjoyed her creativity, combined with her ability to get things done, on time and with great quality.She is a great graphic designer, continuously bringing to the table new ideas and helps transform storytelling of technology and data into visual and graphical interfaces.I highly recommend working with Julie!
Yossi AbrahamCMO, Excelacom
Julie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely talented and her work ethic is second to none. Her ability to gather customer requirements and ideas and distill them into a presentable, compelling media is truly impressive. It would be a privilege to work with Julie again in the future and I hope I have the opportunity to do so.

Elliott FergusonVP, Professional Services, Boundless
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