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Cosmic Rewards

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UI/UX ownership of android mobile app
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Business Outcomes
Increase ARPU, Increase User Engagement, & Time to market
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Oversee User behavior of mobile app from 0 to 1 Million downloads

Cosmic Rewards, an Android reward-play app with over 1,000,000+ downloads and a Google play store review at 4.0 stars. I led the design team for this product. Our primary goal was to design an engaging, retention heavy, and scalable mobile app that brings together gamification and rewards in an innovative way. There were 4 key aspects of the design process.

  1. Creating a New Scalable Design System
  2. Establishing a Comprehensive User Research Process
  3. Design UX strategies to increase retention.
  4. Developing Omnichannel Assets for a Cohesive Experience

Creating a new scalable design system

We began by reviewing the existing design assets and UI elements of Cosmic Rewards. This initial audit revealed inconsistencies and outdated components that needed addressing to in order to create an app that sparked delight with the users.

We established a set of design principles that aligned with Cosmic Rewards' brand values and user needs. This ensured that our design system was not only aesthetically pleasing but also scalable and adaptable for future enhancements.

Our design system included a comprehensive library of reusable UI components, including buttons, icons, typography, and color palettes. We meticulously documented guidelines to maintain consistency in spacing, layout, and interactions across the app.

Our team's collaboration with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders was crucial. Regular design reviews allowed us to ensure that the design system was consistently applied throughout the development process.

Our Design system increased our production speed from 30%, allowing for our business to see results of new features and strategies in a faster way.
Example of a component in our system
example of bottom sheet in system

Establishing a comprehensive User Research process

At the start of this product we had no user research process in place. Our research objectives were clear from the beginning: we aimed to understand user behaviors, needs, and pain points related to rewards and gamification. Additionally, we identified key metrics for tracking user engagement and satisfaction.

We conducted in-depth user interviews to gather qualitative insights. These interviews shed light on user motivations, expectations, and pain points, which were invaluable for our design decisions.

To complement our qualitative data, we created user surveys. These surveys allowed us to collect quantitative data on user preferences and behaviors, providing a more comprehensive view of user sentiment. In our surveys we measured NPS scores to validate our user experience.

Implementing analytics tools enabled us to track user interactions within the app continually. Data analysis helped us identify trends and patterns, allowing for data-driven decision-making throughout the project.

Our user research strategies validated our predictions and helped support the direction of the product.

Example of one of our many affinity maps

Example of results from a survey to our users

Design UX strategies to increase retention.

We developed interactive prototypes based on our research findings. These prototypes allowed us to quickly test new features and improvements. Tools like Figma and Adobe XD were instrumental in this process.

Usability testing with real users provided invaluable feedback. We iterated on our designs based on this feedback and observations, ensuring that our final product was intuitive and user-friendly.

Involving key stakeholders, including product managers and developers, ensured alignment between design choices and business goals. Regular reviews helped address any concerns or constraints promptly.

Various Screens within the app

Sign Up Screens

A/B test for a new user behavior onboarding flow

recent activities, notifications, settings

Light and Dark Mode

Developing omnichannel assets for a cohesive experience

Social Media: We created visually engaging graphics and videos for social media to promote the app. Maintaining a consistent brand presence across platforms was crucial in building recognition and trust.

Email Marketing: Responsive email templates were designed for various communication needs, including newsletters, updates, and promotions. Personalization based on user preferences and behavior improved user engagement.

Push Notifications: We designed push notification templates that adhered to the app's visual identity. Implementing personalized and context-aware push notifications was vital to re-engage users effectively.

Julie truly epitomizes what it means to be a team player. While self-starting and capable of working independently, she is always looking to incorporate feedback from others to ensure the best product goes forward. She is a true professional, and the quality of her work speaks volumes of her character. Julie is a pleasure to work with and will instantly add value to any team she is on.
Anthony Calamito: Chief Geospatial Officer, Boundless
I worked with Julie at Excelacom and really enjoyed her creativity, combined with her ability to get things done, on time and with great quality.She is a great graphic designer, continuously bringing to the table new ideas and helps transform storytelling of technology and data into visual and graphical interfaces.I highly recommend working with Julie!
Yossi AbrahamCMO, Excelacom
Julie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely talented and her work ethic is second to none. Her ability to gather customer requirements and ideas and distill them into a presentable, compelling media is truly impressive. It would be a privilege to work with Julie again in the future and I hope I have the opportunity to do so.

Elliott FergusonVP, Professional Services, Boundless
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