My story

I grew up in Maryland, where I was very involved with serving my community. I started out in high school creating websites and marketing materials for non-profit organizations. I knew then, that my passion was in design.

My career journey

After receiving my B.F.A. in Graphic Design, I began working in the D.C. area where I was a designer for the Department of Defense. During this time I worked closely with 4-star generals, and gained a new level of empathy for clients and their users. Some of my projects made an impact on the survival of soldiers in the field. Having this significant level of responsibility, allowed me to gain a strong understanding of user experience and brand identity.

Wanting to expand my career beyond serving the DoD, I became a product designer for mapping application companies: (Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, later Art Director for Boundless, and freelance designer for mapbox). While I love the power behind GIS, and I will always swoon over a beautiful map, I wanted to continue expanding my skillset to different audiences.

In 2019, I began working at Galvanize, an education technology company, that gives people the opportunity of becoming software engineers and data scientists. Here, I manage the creative and branding for both Galvanize and Hack Reactor.

I currently live in Denver Colorado, with my wife and son. I love designing, and am always creating something out of nothing, whether its designing awebsite for a non-profit, or a drawing children's book for my son, you'll always find me busy with a project.

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